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Don Juan Essay Thesis Example For Students

Don Juan Essay Thesis A monologue from the play by Moliere NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from The Dramatic Works of Moliere, Vol. II. Ed. Charles Heron Wall. London: George Bell Sons, 1898. DON JUAN: There is no longer any shame in hypocrisy; it is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass for virtues. To act the part of a good man is the best part one can act. The profession of hipocrisy has wonderful advantages. It is an art, the imposture of which is always looked upon with respect; and although the world may see through the deceit, it dares say nothing against it. All the other vices of mankind are opened to censure, and everyone is at liberty to attack them boldly; but hipocrisy is a privileged vice which closes the mouth of everyone, and enjoys in peace a sovereign impunity. By dint of cant we enter into a kind of league with those of the same party, and whoever falls out with one of us has the whole set against him; whilst those who are really sincere, and who are known to be in earnest, are always the dupes of the others, are caught in the net of the hypocrites, and blindly lend their support to those who ape their conduct. You could hardly believe what a number of these people I know who with the help of such stratagem have put a decent veil over the disorders of their youth, have sought shelter under the cloak of religion, and under its venerated dress are allowed to be as wicked as they please. Although people are aware of their intrigues, and know them for what they are, their influence is none the less real. They are well received everywhere, and a low bending of the head, deep sighs, and rolling eyes, make up for all they can be guilty of. It is under this convenient dress that I mean to take refuge and put my affair to rights. I shall not give up my dear habits, but will carefully hide them, and avoid all show in my pleasures. If I am discovered, the whole cabal will take up my interests of their own accord, and will defend me against everybody. In short, it is the only safe way of doing all I like with impunity. I shall set up for a censor of other peoples actions. I shall speak evil of everybody. If I am but ever so sligh tly offended, I shall never forgive, but bear an irreconcilable hatred. I shall make myself the avenger of the interests of Heaven, and under this convenient shelter I will pursue my enemies, will accuse them of impiety, and know how to let loose against them the officious zealots who, without understanding how the truth stands, will heap abuse upon them and damn them boldly on their own private authority. It is thus that we can profit by the weaknesses of men, and that a wise man can accomodate himself to the vices of his age.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Essay Example

Jeffrey Dahmer Essay Most crimes that are committed during the normal daily activities of peoples lives is indicative of the Routine Activities Theory that gives Insight onto how Jeffrey Dammed was so successful In luring, raping, and murdering unsuspecting men from the local gay nightclubs in Milwaukee. Jeffrey Dammed had willingness and the ability to commit such heinous predatory crimes. He was motivated by a strong sexual desire for sexual gratification that deviated from the norm, evident by his method of killings and the amount of times these acts occurred. Dammed never used aggression in the omission of his crimes but rather a method of attack that would con his victims into lowering their guard making them mall targets for him. Dampers primary targets were drifters, locals, and prostitutes often exchanging alcohol and money for sexual favors. This can be the sole reason why so many men became Dampers victim because he targeted individuals who would voluntarily leave with him. As stated in the biography Dampers hot-spot for possible targets revolved around the gay-night clubs depicted in the film catered to Dampers sexual preferences. Typically in the eight-club scenario possible targets for violence are typically females making males not likely to be subjective to violence and as an onlooker In a club setting It Is difficult to differentiate the victim from the assailant in a gay male couple. Dampers character towards his victims was very routine and cunning making his victims typically prostitutes and locals susceptible to his method of persuasion. His targets were individuals who were easily persuaded by money and their non-awareness towards a possible harmful target made them even more likely to become one of his any victims. It Is reasonable to Infer that an Individual could have decreased their chances of factorization If they were more self- conscious and aware of the situation they were putting themselves into and not so trustworthy of a complete stranger. Jeffrey Dammed did not receive any monetary or emotional gain from his murders but rather a psychological gratification from the deviant acts of raping and murdering his victims while placing them in the submissive state his sexual urges craved for. Dammed lived a hedonistic lifestyle feeding Into his sexual urges despite the potential uniqueness for his actions as portrayed In the biography. We will write a custom essay sample on Jeffrey Dahmer specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Jeffrey Dahmer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Jeffrey Dahmer specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Jeffrey Dammed did not Include the thought of government authoresses or the possibility of disappointing his family in his motive but rather focused on the comfort he found gaining power and control over his victims typical of most serial killers. The biography portrays the fact that after the murder of Steve Tommie, Dammed made the choice to completely give into his urges and pursue his deviant sexual pleasures of raping, murdering, and dismembering his victims. As Dampers sexual urges grew so did his appetite to kill and this was the driving factor that fueled his murders. Dampers ultimate goal was to have a completely submissive victim that would never leave him but naturally his human victims were prone to decay. It is reasonable to infer that his sadistic conquest for the perfect submissive victim lead him to new experiments like injecting acid into his victims brain along with differing forms of necrophilia and cannibalism. Dampers Intense sexual urges along with his inability to satisfy them led him awards the choice of hedonism which Is what drove him to continually commit these plant sexual acts. ) A criminologist Trot ten Classical cocoons would Touch on ten decisions Dammed made before his murders and whether he utilized his decision- making skills and if his murders were of his free-will. While a criminologist from the Positive school would believe that his acts of violence were not that of free-will but that it originated from a physiological predisposition internally that caused him to engage in these criminal acts. However, both schools ca n agree that Dampers bad rental upbringing was flawed evident by their numerous arguments throughout their marriage leading up to their divorce. Jeffrey Dammed is quoted in an interview stating l decided I wasnt going to get married because I never wanted to go through anything like that. Clearly Dampers parents inadvertently affected their sons behavior possibly contributing to his murders. I believe the Classical School of thought explains Dampers behavior more in-depth because it states that an offender will choose to commit crimes based on hedonistic decisions maximizing their leisure and minimizing their pain. Clearly stated in the film Jeffrey Dammed admits that his sexual urges completely dominated his life and as his sexual appetite evolved, it became detrimental to his lifestyle because of his inability to satisfy his urges. Also Jeffrey Dampers prosecutor Michael McCann states in the film that he realized the consequences of his actions and knew the difference of right from wrong in turn giving evidence that Dammed willingly made the rational decision to engage in the commission of these criminal acts. ) The argument of nature vs.. Return is a hotly debated topic and in the case of Jeffrey Dammed there is no clear distinction whether his criminal acts stemmed from either the Nature theory of a genetic predisposition that altered his behavior or the Nurture theory that he behaves a certain way in accordance to his upbringing. It is not definite what triggered Dampers motivations to kill but it can be inferred that a genetic defect of some sort could have caused his introverted behavior along with his intense fascination of road kill as a child. As stated in the film Jeffrey Dampers mother was hospitalized and treated for anxiety but prior to this diagnosis Joyce relied on many medications prior to Jeffrey birth because it was reported she had a very difficult pregnancy with Jeffrey. Difficult pregnancies have been correlated with difficulty bonding between a mother and newborn. It can be reasonable to infer that the medications she was prescribed and the difficult pregnancy she underwent could have inadvertently caused a genetic predisposition in his behavior. However, Jeffrey Dammed like many aerial killers in most cases shows detectable characteristics of murderers before puberty. Dampers intense fascination with dead animals was a clear sign but was misinterpreted by his parents who also contributed to his behavior by openly arguing and quarreling in front of him on numerous occasions. Dampers parents marital arguments scarred and inadvertently contributed to his introverted behavior, as stated in the film that he would retreat to the woods during his parents confrontations.

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The letter box Essays

The letter box Essays The letter box Paper The letter box Paper John Searles Chinese room argument attempts to explain the difference between working machines and the human mind. Let us imagine that an English speaking man who knows no other language has been put in a small room. On the wall is a letter box and on the floor is a book of rules and a note pad. Every so often a piece of paper with Chinese writing is passed through the letterbox. The rulebook explains how to process the writing, it tells the man to copy certain characters onto the note pad. Thebook gives a code informing the man what should be written according to what is on the paper initially sent through the letter box. Once he has decoded the message he sends the reply back through the letterbox as an answer to the questions he received, obeying the rules contained in the book. As time goes by the man becomes more and more accomplished at his job. To a Chinese onlooker it would seem that the person in the room was a fluent Chinese speaker. Searle compares the activity of this man to the activity of a machine or computer. The man did not need to understand the Chinese to be able to give a perfect answer. In this way the computer does not understand or comprehend what it is doing, it only processes information. Searle said that the man (and hence machine) lacked intentionality and possessed only a syntactical ability as opposed to a semantic one. This means that the machine is unable to be aware of the meaning of the information it processes even though it uses correct grammar to communicate with. Simply producing output in response to input according to certain rules does not constitute human thought. Searle uses this argument to refute the so-called Strong Artificial Intelligence position of some thinkers who believe that computer language does more than just represent human thought (via programming); rather, it really is human thought. A thought experiment arguing against Searles reasoning and supporting Strong AI is the Turing test. Alan Turing, who helped develop the first modern computers, claimed that in future years it could be possible to create a machine that had a mind. Turing imagined the following: There is an interrogator, a machine and a person. The interrogator is positioned in a separate room to the machine and the person. The person and machine are labelled either x or y, the interrogator is unaware which is x and which is y. The interrogator must ask x and y questions, his aim is to guess which is the machine and which is the person. The aim of the machine is to make the interrogator guess that the person is in fact the machine; the objective for the person is to help cause the interrogator to guess correctly. Turing believed that in the future it would be quite conceivable for a machine to trick the interrogator more than seventy percent of the time. Turing believed that this proved machines were capable of thinking. The problem with this argument is that just because the computer is capable of fooling the interrogator into believing it is human does not directly correspond to the conclusion that the machine is a thinking thing. It seems more likely that the computer has merely been programmed with the correct answers to use and in reality has no understanding of what his answers actually mean. Professor Jefferson argued, Not until a machine can write a sonnet or compose a concerto because of thoughts and emotions felt, and not by the chance fall of symbols, could we agree that machine equals brain-that is, not only write it but know that it had written it. No mechanism could feel (and not merely artificially signal, an easy contrivance) pleasure at its successes, grief when its valves fuse, be warmed by flattery, be made miserable by its mistakes, be charmed by sex, be angry or depressed when it cannot get what it wants. 3 Having awareness and knowledge of the content and meaning of thought is what Searle describes as intentionality and is a feature of human thinking which machines could never replicate because of their very nature as fabricated, artificial entities. In conclusion, I feel that it seems impossible for machines to ever have minds. The mind appears to be a purely metaphysical thing that could not be transplanted into a machine. Furthermore the process that a machine goes through is not thought but programming. Everything the machine knows comes from the maker. To say that machines have minds is like saying that even if an evil daemon controlled and planted every thought in our heads, we would still be free thinking beings with conscious minds. Personally I find it hard to conceive the monist approach, though some attempts are made to explain the mind from a monist perspective, which nonetheless gives the mind a special position that could not merely be recreated by fabricated, artificial machines. Such an approach is taken by those who see the mind as an emergent property of the physical composition of the body (specifically brain). A single molecule of water could not be wet or hot or cold; it is only on combining with many millions of molecules in a complex bundle that properties emerge that we associate with water. So with the mind our freedom and intentionality emerge from the very complex arrangement of our organic bodies, which are unique to humans and animals and could not be shared by machines. For most people using an argument from common sense it feels that our minds are free and unattached to our physical bodies. I therefore conclude that a purely physical man-made machine can never have a real mind of its own. And thus in reality it would make it impossible for James the Red Engines thought4 and emotions to actually exist.

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Emetic and anti-emetic drugs Essays

Emetic and anti-emetic drugs Essays Emetic and anti-emetic drugs Essay Emetic and anti-emetic drugs Essay The Necessity Worlds are basically animate beings, and in true Darwinian manner, endurance is cardinal. The procedure of vomit, or purging, can frequently be regarded as a defensive mechanism adopted by worlds and other animate beings. One illustration of this is utilizing vomit to change by reversal the potentially deathly error of eating a toxicant substance. If the organic structures natural defense mechanisms failed to recognize the danger of the foreign toxin in the blood watercourse, it may be indispensable to bring on vomit. Hence, a demand for emetic drugs arose, drugs which would excite the organic structure s natural defense mechanisms and promote emesis. However, non all emesis is a defensive physiological reaction, such as gesture illness, or the sickness associated with gestation, both of which cause no biological menace to the being of the homo. The utmost vomit suffered by chemotherapy patients is another strong cause for drugs to let control over the purging procedure, and so the n ecessity for anti-emetic drugs besides arose. The Emetic Response The act of vomit is in fact a reasonably complex one, necessitating the co-ordination of the bodily respiratory and abdominal musculuss, and the musculuss of the GI piece of land. Two subdivisions of the myelin map to modulate the event of vomit, the chemoreceptor trigger zone ( CTZ ) and the emesis Centre. The CTZ is located in the country postrema, on the floor of the 4th ventricle of the encephalon, and is sensitive to chemical stimuli nowadays in the plasma. Many drugs can be used to antagonize substances working on the CTZ, making the country of the encephalon via the blood watercourse. The blood-brain barrier around the CTZ is permeable, leting drugs to move straight on it. The purging Centre is, nevertheless, used to organize the existent event of vomit, modulating the motion of smooth and striated musculus. The CTZ transmits signals to the purging Centre when a stimuli Acts of the Apostless upon the CTZ, doing the activation of the emetic physiological reaction. Emetic Drugs As antecedently stated, sometimes vomit is a desirable procedure, such as in the event of get downing a toxic substance. It is besides, possibly [ a spot irishly ] , necessary to advance purging in the trial for anti-emetic drugs. The chief emetic drug that is used is Ipecacuanha, which contains two substance, emetine and cephaeline, which irritate the GI piece of land to do the patient to puke. However, migranes and dyspepsia are common side effects Gesture Illness Vomit can be induced without any influence from foreign substances within the organic structure. Motion illness is a premier illustration of this, and has no biological significance on the being of worlds. In the procedure of gesture illness, the maze in the vestibular setup of the ear is moved in a certain manner. This relays a signal to the floor of the 4th ventricle, but the mechanism of motion of the signal to the CTZ is yet unknown. It has been hypothesised that the cerebellum may perchance move as a 2nd relay Centre, but as the CTZ merely responds to chemicals in the plasma, the synaptic pulsations from the relay Centres could non move straight upon it. However, although the mechanism of gesture illness is non yet to the full known, many drugs for gesture illness have been designed, antagonizing the H1 and muscarinic receptors. H1-receptor adversaries Histamine H1 receptor adversaries can forestall vomit by viing with histamine on the H1-receptor sites. The precise mechanism of action is yet unknown, but it has been thought that the administered antihistamine competitively blocks the H1-receptors of the vestibular setup, cut downing sensitiveness, and can move straight on the intestine, which, in bend, relieves the emesis associated with gesture illness. Furthermore, first-generation H1-receptor adversary may besides barricade the chemoreceptor trigger zone, and act on the karyon of the lone piece of land ( brain-stem ) by traversing the blood-brain barrier, forestalling purging in the patient. However, this intervention is chiefly effectual if administered before the oncoming of vomit, though may pull off to assist command vomit once it has began. As can be seem from the chemical construction antonym, the general construction of H1-receptor adversaries can be portrayed merely. Many first-generation antihistamines cause sleepiness as a really common side consequence, due to the anticholinergic belongingss of the drug. However, this anticholinergic belongings can besides move as an anti-emetic, doing the first-generation antihistamine drugs more effectual. Muscarinic-receptor adversaries Muscarinic receptor adversaries.Good for bar of gesture illness. hyoscine ( Transderm-Scop ) Para4: ( working on tummy ) muscarinic receptor adversary Side effects, ways it works, jobs, constructions, point out where it acts, and how the construction makes it move in that manner. Explain how the drug interferes with the normal vomit procedure. Muscarinic-receptor adversaries ( Chapter 7 ) Hyoscine active against sickness and emesis caused by the stimulation of the maze ( ear ) , and against substances which act on the tummy straight, but non against things which act on the CTZ. ( same as H1 ) Hyoscine is best agent for bar of gesture illness, but less utile one time sickness occurs. Effect extremums after 1-2 hours after consumption, can besides be given transdermally ( via the tegument like a nicotine spot ) , and is normally put behind the ear. Unwanted side effects: sleepiness, dry oral cavity. ( other side effects can include blurring vision and keeping of urine, but do nt usually happen at the doses given for anti-emetic effects ) Reference List: Hawthorn, Jan. Understanding and Management of Nausea and Vomiting, Blackwell Science, 1st Edition, 1995 Rang and Dale Bartholow, Roberts. Ipecacuanha, A Practical Treatise on Materia Medica and Therapeutics, Appleton and Company, 1908

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Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 13

Strategic Management - Essay Example Increase in vehicles in developing countries like Asia, Africa, Latin America regions overtakes the demand in US, Western Europe & Japan. China is the largest market in international market as the country develops as economic superpower in manufacture & fixed investing activity hub. Market develops in India, Thailand, Taiwan & Russia. Sales increases with good economic conditions & high income levels which lead to growth in manufacturing activity, boosting combined with the demand in bearing market. Australia & Canada is the most intensive user of bearing products which reflects the advanced industrial & technically nature of the economies. As bearing industry is rapidly increasing in the global market, developing countries like Russia, Japan etc, are importing the bearing products. Countries of Asia Pacific regions call for 42% of the total demand in the international market. Hence, in future also, bearing industry will be growing in the other developing regions of the world. Political - In political terms, bearing industry like Indian bearing industry collaborated with SKF so that the bearings made at India are exported to SKF and specialized bearings which are not manufactured in India are imported through the other industries. Without the bearing Industry, automobile sectors & industrial sectors will be at a loss. Due to the collaboration, friendly atmosphere develops between the nations. Economical - Duty rates are reduced therefore many countries like China, Russia, Eastern Europe dump their production at a low rate due to which price differs in local & international market by about 40-50%, which encourages imports. Demand of bearings in international market is projected to rise about 5% annually to about $ 40 billion in the year 2010. Technological - There are various types of bearings and technology to equip depends on the type of bearings. Specialized type of bearings is not manufactured in India

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Safeway's 10k Form Analysis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Safeway's 10k Form Analysis - Research Paper Example The company’s forward looking financial statements and its commitment to quality while expanding perishable offerings influenced my choice. Safeway’s operates in a highly competitive industry where competitors struggle to increase their market control and share. Its strategies of providing products that are tailored to ensure local preferences make it survive the diverse cultures and tastes in the different market segment. The operating strategy of providing value to its customers through stocking high quality products and maintaining high store standards together with the competitive prices makes it preferred by the shoppers (Safeway Inc. Annual Report 2011, n.d, p.43). Besides, it provides a one stop shopping for busy customers. Competitors include supercenters and club stores, specialty supermarkets, dollar store, drug stores and restaurants. The environmental legislation has also not had adverse effect on the financial results and is not expected to do so because of the company compliance to state and federal laws. Labor relations pose a threat to the company because most of the employees are unionized and work stoppages and disputes could affect their results (Safeway Inc. Annual Report 2011, n.d, p.14). Moreover, the failure of Safeway’s to achieve cost reductions could further adversely impair the company financial performance. this forces the company to consider altering their product mix to mitigate financial problems. Negative publicity on food safety, quality, and health concern poses a threat of loss of customers and could disrupt production. Moreover, the current economic condition in US and Canada with regard to the uncertain unemployment rate, fluctuating energy prices and demand of discounted products could further affect Safeway’s financials. Other environmental factors that pose a risk include changing regulation, increased amounts of debt, pending litigations and Information technology risk affects their performanc e. Question 2 2a) Deloitte $ Touche LLP audited the consolidated financial statement of Safeway’s and the internal controls over the financial reporting (Safeway Inc. Annual Report 2011, n.d, p.34). It issued an unqualified report on the financial statement and on the effectiveness of the internal control. According to the report, Safeway has prepared their financial statements in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles accepted in the United States and the integrated framework issued by the committee of sponsoring organizations of the tread way commission. 2b) Management analysis and discussion of the financial statement reveals a declining consumer spending because of the current economic conditions. Consumers are said to change their product mix or shop in discounted groceries to cut down on their expenditure. On the side of income, Safeway is reported to have a net income of $516.7 million in 2011 compared to $589.8 million in 2010 signifying a loss o f $1097.5 million (Safeway Inc. Annual Report 2011, n.d, p.22). MD & A further reveals how the economic environment impacted adversely on Safeway’s division (Safeway Inc. Annual Report 2011, n.d, p.22). The sales in 2011 increased by $43.6 billion while fuel sales increased by $1408.7 million because of the average price increase of fuel per gallon. Besides, the exchange rate fluctuation of Canadian dollar resulted in increase in sales increase by $ 240 million. The number of transactions alos inceresed in 2011 desites the slight

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To maintain a commitment to professionalism Essay Example for Free

To maintain a commitment to professionalism Essay As a teacher of young children I am aware of my disposition at all times. Being professional is very important in a child care setting. One of my roles is to serve as a positive role model to the children in my child care. I dress appropriately to work effectively with young children. My co-worker and I wear scrub tops, except in summer when hot out. The scrub tops we wear have Disney characters on them, and the kids love them. I am knowledgeable of my profession, and I respect the children, parents and my co-workers. These attributes show my competence in meeting Standard VI. Professionalism- I truly enjoy working with young children in a group setting, and demonstrate a positive attitude in my role. I always come to work with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. I talk to children, and play with them every day. Children are the light of my life, and it sure shines brightly when they are around. I also take advantage of opportunities to grow professionally by attending workshops, in-service trainings offered by The Child Resource Network to gain knowledge that will help me to become a better teacher of young children. This professional development training also keeps me up-to-date with the latest knowledge and trends in the child care field. I also follow regulations set forth by the state of Indiana to ensure that I am providing the best quality service to children and their families. CS VI a- I decided to work with children when my granddaughter Marley was a year old. At the time I was working for a company CDC for mentally disabled adults. I worked for the company for six years. I dedicated my life to that company. I got blamed for another Susan’s abuse of a consumer. I was told that my job was on line. When they found out it wasn’t me, I was told it would still be in my file. I gave them a 3-4 weeks’ notice and quit. I decided I would not have anyone tell me I abused a consumer when I loved them all like they was my family. I have a handicapped nephew and a niece with cerbal palsy. I thought this is the perfect time to start a daycare, and get to spend all the time in the world with my granddaughter. I couldn’t have choose a better job. I love children, and I was only allowed to have one child. My doctor wanted me to abort with my pregnancy, because I had epilepsy. CS VI b- Keeping a clean center and maintaining equipment. Keeping paper work organized and in the appropriate  places is very important. Positive attitude and positive role model to the children.